UPeCo – Ukraine Pest Control provides pest control services for all types of pests on the territory of Ukraine. Methods used by the company are tested by global experience and comply with ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14000, FSSC, AIB, BRC Global Standard, IFS Food Standard, KFC (Yum! Brands), GMP+, GLOBAL G.A.P., USDA ORGANIC, HACCP, Organic Standard and GlobalG.A.P standards. The functioning of the integrated pest control system, implemented and maintained by the Company specialists, was repeatedly tested for compliance with the requirements of quality management standards by leading Ukrainian and foreign auditing firms, including SGS, BVQI, TUV, the Governmental standard of Ukraine and others. Enterprise activity is certified according to the international quality management standard ISO 9001: 2015 by BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION.

Quality standards

Methods used by the Company are tested by global experience and comply with:

ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14000, FSSC, AIB, BRC Global Standard, IFS Food Standard, KFC (Yum! Brands), GMP+, GLOBAL G.A.P., USDA ORGANIC, HACCP.

Quality approved:

The Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine

The Bureau Veritas in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine

The state Department of Veterinary Medicine

Quality Policy

UPеСо – Ukraine Pest Control provides pest control services indoors and outdoors, in particular: insects, rodents, birds and other organisms, potentially harmful to human, environment and production processes.

UPeCo is the worldwide experience of professionals, high-quality products, qualified specialists, an individual approach to every client.

Why us

UPECO has been providing professional pest control services since 2004 with implementation of the integrated pest management system.

Methods used by the company are tested by global experience and conform to the quality standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, ISO 14000, GMP, HACCP, BRC, AIB, Yum! Brands.

Since 2016 UPECO has been successfully passing audits at clients' Companies for compliance with the Organic Standard and GlobalG.A.P standards.

Availability of the license.

In 2004, UPECO developed and, for the first time in Ukraine, introduced a three-level multi-barrier system.

In 2004, UPECO has developed and, for the first time in Ukraine, presented a risk analysis with an individual selection of the necessary processes and methods for pest control at customers’ sites.

In 2004, UPECO introduced, and for the first time in Ukraine, implemented a documented monitoring system in accordance to the international food safety standard requirements.

Since 2015, UPECO has been developing and successfully implementing innovative equipment for professional pest control.

In 2004, UPECO Company for the first time on the Ukrainian market introduced high-quality pheromone traps.

In 2004, UPECO designed special cautionary labels for pest control equipment identification.

In 2013, UPECO developed a system for preparing an electronic version of graphs showing trends of the pest behavior at the customers’ sites.

Since 2012, UPECO has been supervising the pest control system during audits of international certification auditing Companies BRC, AIB, SGS, TUV, Bureau VERITAS and others at customers’ sites.

UPECO Company uses only high-quality certified equipment through whole range of services.

UPECO Team consists of highly qualified specialists who regularly pass recertification and advanced training.

UPECO Team has specialized professionals - ornithologist, entomologist (Ph.D.), disinfection doctor, what allows solving even the most complex tasks.

UPECO is the founder and leader of the professional pest control in Ukraine, constantly integrating advanced technologies and innovations into the processes of pest control services, allowing reaching and maintaining the highest level of food safety at customers’ sites.

Your aim

Our offer

1 .

Production of quality product, inaccessible for pests

Professional pest control includes the variety of methods, products, equipment, experience and skills and is accomplished by professional technicians.

2 .

High quality pest control service

Providing pest control services using methods, tested by European and worldwide practice. Participating in European pest control exhibitions; Cooperating with Confederation of European Pest Management Associations in order to increase the specialists’ qualification.

3 .

Pest control services complying with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000 standards

Making reports, filling in and managing the documentation containing information about the level of infestation, pest types and their habitat. Consulting client for overall improvement of the object’s sanitary and technical conditions; developing methodical systems for pest control and pest elimination.

4 .

Implementation of HACCP system

Development and implementation of the Integrated Pest Management program, which is a part of the “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” HACCP system.

5 .

Safe pest control

Ecological non-chemical pest control is the priority of our work, which is why we use methods that allow minimizing biocides usage.

6 .

Differentiated approach towards problem solving

In order to solve the problems caused by pests, we select a range of effective solutions. The experience gained from cooperating with various types of enterprises allows us to find solution for all clients, starting from large enterprises to private properties.

7 .

Continuity of the production process

We are able to provide services without interrupting the production processes and in presence of employees.

8 .

Continuous monitoring of the level of infestation

Combining special equipment and monitoring devices together with effective pest control methods we can ensure not only pest elimination but also warning of their possible occurrence.

9 .

Consistent coordination of actions

Our specialist will process Your request and will do their best to solve Your problem as fast as possible at any time convenient for You.