Insect control (disinsection – from Latin des – prefix meaning removal and insectum – insect) includes methods and means for insect elimination, including insects that can spread infectious diseases and cause harm to food products, production facilities, or home area.

For effective insect control our professional technicians use combination of methods, including aerosol irrigation, gel application, and placement of lures. For insect control UPeCo technicians use products that are safe for the environment and human beings. Each individual situation gets individual approach and product selection. In order to prevent the pest adaptation to these products, products are changed regularly. Our technicians will arrive at any convenient time to complete disinsection, even at night-time.

For effective control of flying insects, UPeCo recommends using the insecticidal lamps. The main advantage of insecticidal lamps offered by UPeCo is high-quality fluorescent tubes (a special spectrum that attracts insects) and modern design, allowing finding the optimal solution for any room, depending on its functionality.

You are welcome to contact UPeCo for a free specialist’s consultation and order a free primary object inspection for a realistic assessment of the object specifics and service cost estimation.

Systematic approach

Installation of sticky monitoring pheromone traps

Processing indoors with special gels

Installation of insecticidal lamps

Processing inside area with cold mist (aerosol irrigation)

Processing indoors with hot mist using special equipment

Free inspection

Professional UPECO technologist conducts an inspection, which includes analysis of: the specifics of the enterprise, the surrounding area, geographical location, technical condition and features of the building, in order to identify possible pathways, assess the degree of infection by various types of pests, determine the target pests and their habitat.

Efficient solution

Having determined the enterprise specifics, we make a plan showing the special equipment (control points) location, which allows not only to eliminate and control the specific pest population, but also warns of their occurrence. Individual selection and combination of various techniques allows providing pest control services without stopping the production processes.