Food Industry Enterprises

Hygiene and favorable sanitary condition of the enterprise

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Poultry Farms, Farms

Improving product quality and increasing profit

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Elevators, Granaries

Safety and increase of the product shelf life

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Terminals, Warehouses

Maintaining the highest quality of stored products

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Transport and Quarantine Freight

Maintaining of the original properties of goods and raw materials

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Supermarkets, Shops

Impeccable reputation and favorable sanitary condition of the object

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Restaurants, cafes

Reliable protection against pests and increased competitiveness

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Residential sector

Services safe for you, your children and pets

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Professional solutions for every industry

Methods used by the company are tested by global experience and comply with ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14000, FSSC, AIB, BRC Global Standard, IFS Food Standard, KFC (Yum! Brands), GMP+, GLOBAL G.A.P., USDA ORGANIC, HACCP.