Improving product quality and, therefore, increasing income of Your agricultural production is the main goal of UPeCo in collaboration with You. The health state of the animals and poultry is the prerequisite for this. The necessary conditions for this are the conditions of keeping animals and birds.

The accumulation of various pathogens (bacteria, viruses, prions): tubercle bacillus, bovine leukemia virus, yersiniosis, classical swine fever, avian influenza virus, incl. H5N1, and other pathogenic micro flora leads to infectious diseases, and as a consequence to the death of poultry and farm animals.

Rodents and insects, which are carriers of dangerous infections, also cause great harm and expenses to Your business.

You are welcome to contact UPeCo for a free specialist’s consultation and order a free primary object inspection for a realistic assessment of the object specifics and service cost estimation.

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