• Milk processing
  • Meat processing
  • Fish processing
  • Bakeries and confectioneries
  • Beer and non-alcoholic
  • Fruit and vegetables processing plants

One of the most important requirements for entering the market and promoting produced goods is the presence of quality control system, which also includes pest control system. Hygiene and adequate sanitary state of the enterprise is the essential condition for effective operation in the frames of severe competition being dictated by the civilized society.

You should always be able to prove to Your clients and their clients that all Your production processes are beyond any suspicions. UPeCo will help You succeed in this.

We provide high quality pest control services to many large Ukrainian food enterprises, paying attention to professionalism and effective methods.

Each phase of production process requires different methods of pest control. Our specialists will help You determine the necessary pest control procedures and methods to use in each individual situation.

The services we offer include not only the stages of disinsection (insect control), deratization (rodent control) and disinfection (microbes control), but also constant monitoring of Your enterprise using special pest control equipment, including warning of their possible occurrence.

Integrated Pest Control System developed by our Company together with employees of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (НАНУ) is based on the best European and American methods. The variety of mastered technologies allows minimizing the usage of biocides, toxic for human health and harmful for the environment substances.

Barriers, traps, insecticidal lamps, glue traps of different sizes containing substances that attract pests – all these means are used in the areas with direct access to food products, and in continuous production facilities.

You are welcome to contact UPeCo for a free specialist’s consultation and order a free primary object inspection for a realistic assessment of the object specifics and service cost estimation.

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