Name: EOS

Material SS / painted metal
Weight, (kg) 1,5
Metal thickness, (mm) 1
Recommended installation height, (cm) 220-280
Effective coverage area, (м2) 60
Tubes, (W) 18
Supply voltage, (V) 220-240


For the effective control of flying insects in small rooms, cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc. Company «UniEco» has developed electrical flytrap Eos, which perfectly fits into any interior, and thus will serve as a stylish decorative element.

Eos is an innovative product, characterized by the ease of maintenance and maximum effectiveness. The unique design guarantees the 100% usage of the adhesive surface area, still hiding it under the steel cover from the visitors.

Using flytraps with glueboard eliminates the possibility of insect particles getting into products or the unpackaged food and allows carefully monitoring the species and more accurately determining the trends of the population inside the facility.
Eos is an ultra-stylish, modern and effective solution to the problems with flying insects, thanks to the glueboard with pheromones.

Insecticidal lamps work by the following principle: the light of the fluorescent tubes operating in wavelengths of 300-400 nanometers, i.e. the range, that is well perceived by insects (flies, fruit flies, wasps, horseflies, mosquitoes, etc.), lures the flying insect that sticks to the surface of the glueboard with pheromones.

EOS is offered in stainless steel or painted metal versions with a wide range of color choice. Electrical flytraps EOS will be the most useful decorative element of Your interior and can be used as a single lamp, or in a set of multiple lamps to create the necessary interior style.

Electrical flytrap EOS is supplied with one protected fluorescent tube and one pheromone glueboard. Recommended replacement period for the tube is one year, for the glueboard – depending on the filled area, at least once a month.

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