Material SS / painted metal
Weight, (kg) 6,6
Metal thickness, (mm) 1
Recommended installation height, (cm) 220-280
Effective coverage area, (м2) 120/240
Tubes, (W) 18/36
Supply voltage, (V) 220-240


For accurate and effective monitoring and control of flying insects in the food industry companies, catering services, warehouse and storage areas, the Company «UniEco» recommends using the industrial flytraps (insecticidal lamps) with a large effective area.

Insecticidal lamp Gelios is the novelty from «UniEco» Company. This is a large and relatively open structure flytrap with a glueboard. Usage of a double-sided glueboard in the center of the flytrap increases the effective range up to 360 degrees and allows monitoring much higher volume facility areas.

Usage of flytraps with glueboard allows carefully monitoring the species and more accurately determining the trends of the population inside the facility.

Inside food processing areas, such as kitchens, product processing areas, shops, open cooking areas, it is highly recommended to use electrical flytraps with glueboard to prevent the contact of insects or insect particles with food and open fruit and vegetable products.

Insecticidal lamps work by the following principle: the light of the fluorescent tubes operating in wavelengths of 300-400 nanometers, i.e. the range, that is well perceived by insects (flies, fruit flies, wasps, horseflies, mosquitoes, etc.), lures the flying insect that sticks to the surface of the glueboard with pheromones and dies.

Gelios is offered as a stainless steel or painted metal model with wide range of color choice. Gelios is supplied with two protected fluorescent tubes and one pheromone glueboard.

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