In Germany, a fire brigade rescued a fat rat

Nine firefighters arrived to rescue the rodent in distress. As a result, the operation was successful.


In Germany, a group of firefighters came to rescue a very fat rat, which was stuck in the manhole cover. In total, nine people arrived to rescue the animal. Reported by Spiegel.

The incident occurred in the city of Bensheim, where firefighters reacted to a woman’s call regarding a stuck rat. The rescue operation was shot on camera, and shows that at least one animal rescuer and eight firefighters took part in the operation.

As a result, the efforts were successful and the chubby rat was removed from the manhole cover without injuries. After rescue, it was released.


The rescuer who participated in the operation commented on the incident, noting that the rat was stuck with its hips and was unable to move forward or backward.

“Even the animals hated by many – deserve respect,” he added.