Now is the time to winterize your house from pests looking to get out of the cold

With winter weather on its way soon… pests will be trying to sneak into your house, looking for a warm place to call home.


Things to look for are cracked or missing sealant from windows and doors that lead outside. But if you find missing sealant, it is an easy fix.

Remove that caulking and reseal it up with something that is new and is going to last longer.

With the cold weather coming our way, now is the time to winterize your home from bugs.

If you wait a month and a half then it might be too late.

And pests don’t need much room to sneak inside.

Any access that is getting into the house that looks like a gap anywhere from a quarter inch to an inch you can seal up with either caulking or steel wool.

Much of the work is preventative and simple.

Just making sure those spider webs aren’t being built up on a regular basis.

And if you want to go even further with your protection, you can go to professional tools and services. It is also never a good idea to keep your firewood piles up against your house because rodents and bugs can live inside them. Instead, keep the wood pile away from the house and off of the ground, if possible.